Instructions for redeeming your voucher:

  • Go to the Amsterdam Boat Cruises website:


  • Press "boating offer" in the upper left corner.
  • Find the relevant vessel and press "Book."
  • Choose a date (and time) and then press "Next."
  • Choose a ticket and press "Next."

PLEASE NOTE: Book one person per voucher. So if you have two vouchers then you must make two separate bookings.

  • Enter your contact information and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Grab your voucher now.
  • On the voucher is a barcode (which is a series of dashes in a row, see photo below)
  • Under that barcode is a code and you will need it for booking.

CAUTION: This code is sensitive to uppercase and lowercase letters. Also, the digit zero and the letter O are similar, so be careful to use exactly the same code.

  • Enter the code in the box that says "Enter your discount code."

CAUTION: You can only use this code once, so be sure about your booking.

  • In the order summary, the total amount is now zero euros. You can then complete the order by pressing "Buy your tickets now".
  • Do you have more vouchers? Then repeat this process.
  • Check in the mail if you have had confirmation of your booking(s).

CAUTION: You cannot change and/or reschedule your chosen action/offer after booking. The tickets are non-refundable. This is an online promotion, for which we unfortunately cannot offer you telephone support.