Port of Amsterdam is the perfect hub for circular economy. Everything comes together in the ecosystem. From waste, raw materials and port logistics to established demo plants and innovative circular companies.

Port of Amsterdam believes that the circular economy is the future for business and industry. The circular economy is therefore a focus point in Port of Amsterdam's strategy. To support innovative new solutions, infrastructure and facilities are being expanded cash on hand.

Port of Amsterdam's goal is to become Europe's leading circular economy hotspot. Thus, Port of Amsterdam provides the perfect springboard for entrepreneurs with a love of transforming society and how they handle resources.

Connection to large number of sustainable industries

Circular industry is all about making the right connections. At Port of Amsterdam, they know that sustainable business always requires a joint effort. That is why efforts for the circular economy go beyond infrastructure.

Start-ups and scale-ups are given the opportunity to connect with other (circular and biobased) initiatives industries through crossovers.


Theme Vessel 'Circular Economy - Waste Management'

During our theme cruise 'Circular Economy - Waste Processing' you will learn all about how Port of Amsterdam is building the circular economy and how they deal with waste processing, among other things. It is also possible to schedule a stop at CMF Services. CMF Services provides specialized waste processing for specific industries.

CMF is a service provider to oil and gas companies, geothermal and salt mining companies during exploration drilling for oil/gas, geothermal and saline strata. Treatment facility for the processing of the waste streams generated by these wells that are contaminated with oil based mud; obm contaminated drill cuttings, obm contaminated liquid waste streams and associated hazardous waste.

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