Step aboard and bathe yourself in luxury. The Stan Huygens is the VIP ship of the fleet and moves through the water like a limousine. The Stan Huygens sails 100% electric which makes it particularly quiet on board. The luxuriously furnished salon consists of five fixed, leather-covered semi-circular benches and provides luxurious seating comfort. The large glass windows provide plenty of natural light and stunning views.

Meanwhile, enjoy a delicious drink and tasty side bites.

This package consists of:

- Luxurious electric saloon boat "Stan Huygens"
- Experienced skipper and hospitable host
- Unlimited Dutch bar: beer, house wine, soft drinks, mineral water
- Amsterdam snack platter (other choices at additional cost)
- Boarding at Ijdok 2, 1013 MM Amsterdam
- Boarding at other location possible at extra cost

Various appetizers choice options consisting of:

Amsterdam appetizer platter (4 p.p.)
Amsterdam Ox Sausage, Spicy Grill Sausage, Old Amsterdam, Stuffed egg salmon mousse
Kesbeke pickles

Various appetizers "Il Agrifoglio Romantica Cruise"
Blini smoked salmon, mascapone and salmon eggs, Strawberry chocolate, fresh strawberry dipped in dark chocolate, Red sandwich stuffed with coppa di parma and arugula, fig apricot roll, with caramel and lavender cheese

Sideboard "Luxe"
Cubes of Old Willig, tapas sausages, stuffed pepaco, weck jar with your own pickle mix, glass of spicy spiced nut mix, slices of chorizo, crostinis with spicy humus

Free libo board
Corn tortilla chips, cubed herb cheese, sliced chorizo and fuet, olives, chicken biscuits, carpaccio wrap, coarse pate with farmhouse bread, tomato mozzarella skewers, NHC pickles, shortribs with aioli

Tapas board 'Valencia'
Manchego cubes, fuet, tapas sausages, garlic bread, aioli, marinated sardines, potato tortilla, serrano ham, marinated garlic olives, chicken thigh pieces cooked in sherry, artichokes

Tapas board Seville
Spicy chorizo and fuet

Rolled bread with chorizo, herb cheese and green lettuce
Garlic bread with authentic Serrano ham
Pollo aioli, chicken marinated with sherry and garlic
Pickled anchovies with herb toast
Tortilla with tuna
Egg filled with smoked salmon mayonnaise
Marinated manchego cheese (v)
Pepaco stuffed with cream cheese (v)
Mixed olives (v)


Stan Huygens appetizers assortment from 12 persons and up

(4 rounds cold/warm)

Round 1. cold

Creamy sandwich stuffed with, grilled eggplant, goat cream cheese and grated lime
Salad of Dutch maatjes herring, yellow beet and spicy pickle
Amsterdam ox sausage on herb crostini with green mustard and quail egg

Round 2. hot

Meatballs stuffed with bits of olive, mushroom hat stuffed with beemster cheese

Round 3. cold

Roulleau vitello tonato, roast veal stuffed with tuna salad
Fig-almond sandwich with gorgonzola and caramel
Herb toast, smoked trout, borage cress and tobiko eggs

Round 4. hot

Mini Quiches

Duration Cruise: From 2 hours

Prices starting at: € 89.00 on the basis of 12 persons or more (Max. capacity 30 persons)

(*Excluding entertainment fee (VMR) and VAT)

May we escort you to your table, for a fabulous Drinks and Appetizers Cruise?

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