The "Stan Huygens," Amsterdam's most exclusive and iconic ship.
This luxury ship is ideally suited for business and upscale gatherings.
Whether it's a meeting, anniversary celebration or you want to impress your partner or (inter)national guests, with the Stan Huygens you go for style and exclusivity.

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Most iconic ship
of Amsterdam


Luxurious and


Business networking

through the canals
of Amsterdam

For many years, the Stan Huygens was Mr. F. Heineken's favorite ship. With his clients and business associates he sailed through the canals of Amsterdam.
Sailing with the Stan Huygens means absolute exclusivity with every imaginable comfort.
The Rolls Royce of the Amsterdam waterways!

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Enjoy a luxurious
Dinner Cruise

Would you also like to feel like Freddy Heinken for a while? You can do so aboard the Stan Huygens! The ship that was very popular with Freddy. The captain and crew welcome you for a luxury dinner cruise on the Amsterdam canals. You will discover the pearls of the capital in an intimate exclusive setting while enjoying an exquisite multi-course dinner.

High Wine, Beer
or Tea at the

Aboard the Stan Huygens, also called the limousine of the water, you will enjoy a delicious High-Wine, Beer or Tea. Experience Amsterdam in a unique way and enjoy the pearls of the capital in style while enjoying the delicacies on board.

Experience a romantic
evening in Amsterdam

Bathe yourself in luxury, aboard this iconic ship. In an intimate setting, you will sail off into the sunset. The ring of canals turns romantic evening red, the Stan Huygens glides through the water like a gondola. All in all, you imagine yourself in a Venetian setting. In short, a very special night out for you and your party! 

Business meetings
in style

Freddy Heineken had a fondness for the Stan Huygens. It was for him a trusting inspiring environment to enjoy the capital in style. During the many cruises he made, countless ideas were born and important business deals were closed aboard this extraordinary ship. Will you, like Freddy, also be inspired on board?

Create beautiful
memories on
a beautiful ship

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