Enjoying a cozy Amsterdam high beer exclusive setting? You can! The captain and crew are happy to invite you aboard the Stan Huygens, Amsterdam's most exclusive ship.

After 'untying' you will take a wonderful cruise through the canals of the capital. While the captain tells you about the highlights of the city, you and your companions will enjoy a cozy high beer with an Amsterdam touch.

Luxury High Beer Tasting consisting of:

Served tapas style. Includes 4 types of beer.

- Thinly sliced smoked beef loin with corn salad, Amsterdam Kesbeke pickles of shallot braised in Heineken lager and cilantro.
Served with Affligem Belgian white.
A refreshing white beer spiced with orange peel and cilantro.

- Hearty Dutch onion soup, prepared with thick onions from the North Holland town of Middenmeer and smothered in Heineken Pilsener.
Served with Heineken Pilsener.
A refreshing full-malt quality lager with a slightly fruity taste.

- Dutch version of the French coq au vin. Tender chicken simmered in Affligem blonde, vegetables, herbs and citrus. Served with soft mashed potatoes/Gold Amsterdam and green cabbage simmered in butter.
Served with Affligem blond.
Abbey beer with a spicy, citrus aroma and a hint of vanilla.

- Dutch cheesecake with topping of strawberries marinated in Amstel radler, cherry sauce and merengue.
Served with Amstel Radler.
Refreshing mix of beer and lemon water.


This deluxe High Beer package includes:

- Luxurious electric saloon boat "Stan Huygens"
- Experienced skipper and hospitable host
- Boarding at Ijdok 2, 1013 MM Amsterdam
- Boarding at other location possible at additional cost

Duration Cruise: From 2 hours

Prices starting at: € 89.00 on the basis of 12 persons or more (Max. capacity 30 persons)

(*Excluding entertainment fee (VMR) and VAT)

May we escort you to your table, for a fabulous High Beer Cruise?

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