Would you also like to feel like Freddy? Which can! The captain and crew are happy to welcome you for a luxury dinner cruise on the Amsterdam canals.

Step on board and bathe yourself in luxury. The Stan Huygens is the VIP ship of the fleet and moves through the water like a limousine. The old marine diesel has been replaced by an electric motor, making it particularly quiet on board. The luxuriously furnished salon consisting of five fixed, leather-covered semi-circular sofas, which you can reserve. The large glass areas provide plenty of daylight and a beautiful view.

The special appearance on the Amsterdam canals was noticed by beer magnate Freddy Heineken at the time. He sailed through the canal belt with this ship for years. He enjoyed the culinary delights of chef Joop Braakhekke. You can now also experience this on board one of our exclusive dinner cruises.

You will discover the gems of the capital in an intimate and exclusive setting, while enjoying an exquisite multi-course dinner. Of course you can also add a matching excellent wine arrangement. The culinary high-quality dishes in combination with the excellent wines and a beautiful view make this dinner cruise an unforgettable experience for you and your group.

Menu Stan A. (5-course)

- Amsterdam ox sausage with quail egg and Zaanse mayonnaise

- Skewers of organic cheese from Schermerhorn and Amsterdam sour
- Blinis with smoked salmon and herring caviar
- Glasses with a salad of Texel lamb, black lentils and dried figs
- Bowl with freshly baked bread, salted butter and tapenades

Soup in tumblers:
- Lightly thickened leek soup with smoked salmon

Hot dish:
- Slowly cooked veal escalope with herb gravy, suger snaps and potato pie

- Glasses filled with mousse, bavarois and fresh fruit served from the bar

Menu Stan B. (5-course)

- Salmon cooked in Prosecco with wakame

- Glasses of smoked duck breast salad with miso dressing
- Plates of marinated tomato with mozzarella and sunflower seeds
- Salads of beet, red carrot, nuts and goat cheese

Soup in tumblers:
- Bouillabaisse richly filled with beautiful seasonal fish

Hot dish:
- Spinach and ricotta tortellini, red pesto sauce, crispy Parma ham and shaved pecorino cheese

- Triffle of mousse, bavarois, chocolate and fresh fruit presented in a beautiful wine glass


Menu Stan C. (5-course)

- Various tasty molecular lollipops from duck, goat cheese and tomato

- Plate of scallop carpaccio with lobster snail and wakame
- Shooter Gazpacho with chilicress
- Marinated lamb cutlet
- Glass of broccoli Pannacotta with truffle
- Plate Antipasti Mediterranean
- Freshly baked bread, humus and tapenade

Soup in tumblers:
- Wild spinach and smoked eel velouté

Hot dish:
- Roast tenderloin, port and balsamic vinegar sauce, fondant potato, kohlrabi and salsify crisp

Desserts (3 pp):
- Glasses with tiramisu classico
- Glasses of red fruit panna cotta
- Apricot foam
- Macaroons
- Vanilla mousse with dried fruit and almonds

Menu Stan D. (5-course)

- Various tasty molecular lollipops from duck, goat cheese and tomato

- Zeeland oysters
- Jars with ecrevisse (lobster tails) in Prosecco
- Bruscettas with beef loin and truffle mayonnaise
- Salad tabouleh, couscous, cucumber, mint and red pepper
- Cocktails of Dutch shrimps
- Freshly baked bread with babaganoush and salted butter

Soup in tumblers:
- Light-bound soup of roasted yellow peppers and ecrevisse

Warm dish:
- Knight fish fillet, in a soft sauce of nouilly prat, prawns, with braised fennel, mashed potato and carrots and crazy pea

- Triffle, with beautiful fresh fruit, couilis, chocolate, cake, bavarois and mousse presented in a beautiful wine glass

Duration Cruise: From 2.5 hours

Prices starting from: € 139.00 based on 12 people or more (Max. Capacity 30 people)

(* Excl. entertainment fee (VMR) and VAT)

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