Harbor tour with High
on his Amsterdam

Step aboard the new harbor tour of Amsterdam Boat Cruises, official partner of Port of Amsterdam and become part of the present, past and future of the Amsterdam harbor. The place where everything is grand and compelling.

Although Amsterdam is located in the 17 the century into an important world port, the foundations of today's European seaport are laid during the rise of the industrial revolution in the 19th century. e century. In contrast to the Zuiderzee route, the new North Sea Canal offered a shorter, direct connection to the North Sea. This stimulated overseas trade and thus created the Amsterdam port region, which also includes the seaports of IJmuiden (Velsen), Beverwijk and Zaanstad.

After embarkation the lines will be released and you will learn the 4 the seaport of Europe through five generations of Amsterdammers. Their life course runs parallel to the development of the area and makes the adventure human and dynamic. As if you were there yourself!

The Amsterdam port region has a total of more than 800 port-related companies. Traditional and progressive. Where once Fords Mustang and Datsuns were on the quayside for European distribution, you now pick up your electric Tesla. Here, hydrogen will soon be generated and distributed on a large scale, we will store more and more biofuels in oil terminals and convert waste into energy for the Amsterdam metropolitan region.

In good weather you can enjoy the panoramic deck of the ship, where you have an unobstructed view of the largest cocoa and petrol port in the world, which is also rapidly changing. In bad weather you have the comfort of the luxurious interior of the ship, where the catering is also located.



  • Amsterdam snacks
  • Pieces of herring with freshly cut onions
  • Ox sausage and liver sausage with mustard and Amsterdam onions
  • Farmhouse cheese with coarse Amsterdam mustard
  • Snacks and pretzels
  • 3x different beers (tap or bottle) and 3 glasses of soft drinks for the children

Cruise of 2 hours

The harbor tour with High beer on Amsterdam's Amsterdam Boat Cruises takes 2 hours, including embarkation and disembarkation.

Prices and other information

Cash ticket price adults: € 55
Cash ticket price children: € 45

Online ticket price adults: € 45
Online ticket price children: € 35

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Other information

  • Free for children up to 2 years of age
  • Receive your ticket(s) directly by mail
  • Including entertainment tax
  • A small menu is available during the cruise, with an assortment of drinks and food items
  • It is not allowed to consume your own drinks or food on board

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