Our ships are ideally suited for parties and special occasions on the water, also for a dressed up drink you can contact us. You can compose the cruise from 'A to Z' yourself. Our specialized sales department has extensive experience and knows exactly how to translate your wishes into a suitable offer.

Something to celebrate? Invite your guests aboard one of our ships and have drinks in style in the middle of the country's most dynamic port or canal district.

A drink on board is extremely suitable for both large and small groups. This is possible with a party of up to 25 people on the Stan Huygens. If you have several guests, with a maximum of 160, the River Dream offers the solution.

The drinks are completely customizable. Our ships are equipped with a well-equipped ship's bar. You can buy off the refreshments or have them calculated on a post-calculation basis. Many of our guests also choose a drinks package. We have these in various versions. There are simple arrangements with luxury salty cookies and nuts and appetizers. Of course you can also choose something more luxurious. Think of a luxury board per table with luxury appetizers, cheeses and charcuterie.


If you want to dress up the party even more, we can also provide (live) entertainment. Over the years we have built up a large and varied file with live acts, bands, DJs, solo artists, speakers, comedians, etc. There is sure to be something to your taste.

Advantages of having drinks on board is that you only have to shake hands twice. Everyone is almost always on time and afterwards your guests leave at the same time. With Amsterdam Boat Cruises you will be completely relieved as an organizer. You will leave the boat satisfied and will often remember this cruise with pleasure.

A drink on board with Amsterdam Boat Cruises is always successful. We are happy to explain the gangplank for you.

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