Our ships are perfect for parties and special occasions on the water, both business and private. You can compose the cruise from 'A to Z' yourself. Our specialized sales department has extensive experience and knows exactly how to translate your wishes into a suitable offer.

To dress up the cruise and surprise your guests with something out of the ordinary, we recommend a cruise accompanied by a speaker. Of course you decide how long and how often the speaker will speak during the cruise.

The port area and the city of Amsterdam have already managed to inspire and fascinate many people. With an appropriate speaker, the area comes even more alive. Perhaps you and your private party would like to listen to a piece of beautiful poetry. You may also want to inspire your colleagues or business partners with a beautiful lecture on topics such as history, art and culture, lifestyle anthropology or biology. Make your wishes known to us and we will look for the ultimate speaker for your sailing event.


Create beautiful
memories on
a beautiful ship