Give the Yes on the water!

Our ship, the River Dream, is ideally suited for a wedding ceremony. This is possible with a party of up to 140 people.

If you wish to say Yes to each other, you can do so on board. A wedding is traditionally a public occasion to which anyone can and may legally object. Therefore it is important that the ship is moored on public Amsterdam territory. You can suggest this location in consultation with the municipality and Amsterdam Boat Cruises. The registrar and his or her usher will come on board at the agreed location and perform the ceremony together with you and your loved ones. After you have been legally joined in holy matrimony, the party can begin. You can of course choose to continue the rest of the festivities ashore but this is of course not necessary. What could be better to spend the whole day on the water with your loved ones and celebrate happiness together. As soon as the official and the messenger have left the ship, you can really cast off.

You determine the content of the day in consultation with our specialized sales department. You can compose the day entirely as you wish. From a reception, luxury dinner to a smashing party night. This is all part of the possibilities. Our specialized sales staff will translate your wishes into an appropriate custom offer. They are not satisfied until you are. We sell memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life and look back on with pleasure.

With the ships of Amsterdam Boat Cruises you go for quality! We will ensure that you and your guests lack nothing so you can fully enjoy the most beautiful day of your life.

marry in amsterdam

Step into the wedding boat at Amsterdam Boat Cruises, we are happy to lay out the gangway for you.

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memories on
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