A striking and unparalleled appearance on the water. That’s the Stan Huygens! Beer magnate Freddy Heineken saw this too, who sailed this ship through the Amsterdam canals for years. Step on board and imagine yourself in a world of luxury. The Stan Huygens is the VIP ship of the fleet and the limousine on the water.

This exclusive iconic ship was built in 1991. The Stan Huygens got its current interior in 2015 during an extensive renovation. During the renovation, the old ship’s diesel was replaced by an electric motor.

The Stan Huygens can accommodate select groups up to 35 people. The interior is timeless and exudes luxury. The salon consists of 5 fixed, leather-covered round sofas. The large glass areas and the glass roof provide plenty of daylight and a beautiful view. The windows can be lowered in good weather. There are two fully equipped bars. The ship has an extensive lighting plan so that any desired atmosphere can be created. Unfortunately, wheelchair users cannot enter this ship due to the steep access stairs.

You will not be short of culinary. For example, enjoy an excellent walking dinner. Due to the space buffets are possible for up to 25 people. With its size, the Stan Huygens is suitable for more intimate groups that value luxury and comfort.

The Stan Huygens is also particularly suitable for the business market. Whether it concerns a department outing, meeting, anniversary celebration or you want to impress your (inter) national guests. With the Stan Huygens you go for style and exclusivity.

Dimensions LxWxH: 20.76m / 4.54m / 1.94m
Tonnage: 48 tons (unloaded)
Propulsion: Electric drive 45Kw
Home port: Amsterdam

Max. passengers: 40
– 35 cruise / party arrangement
– 30 (walking) dinner setup
– 25 buffet arrangement

Furthermore, the ship has:
– 5 round seats and some loose seats.
– Luxurious interior
– Modern extensive lighting plan
– Large windows (movable)
– Well-equipped bars
– Modern sound system with audio streaming via bluetooth, CD, microphone.
– 100% Electric motors
– Heating
– Toilet

Pay attention! The Stan Huygens features not about:
– Disabled elevator
– Outdoor space

More information?

Fancy a cruise today, tomorrow or soon? Which can! Call for availability to Amsterdam Boat Cruises 020 8020 11 11. The Stan Huygens is also the ideal party boat for a party or arrangement from your hotel. For small and large groups, young and old!

Make beautiful memories on one magnificent ship