Experience a great afternoon in the Christmas Circus of Haarlem with Hans Klok

Amsterdam Boat Cruises has put together a nice Christmas package for you.

You will be warmly welcomed on our beautiful spacious ship “River Dream”, after which you will enjoy a 2-hour cruise in a Christmas atmosphere.

A delicious brunch buffet is served during the cruise. After this you will be taken by a luxury touring bus to the Christmas circus in Haarlem with the cooperation of Hans Klok.

After an approximately 2.5-hour performance, you will be brought back by the luxury tour bus to the boarding point of the ship, after which you can enjoy this wonderful afternoon at home or elsewhere.


11.45 am: Embark on our ship ‘River Dream ”
12.00 PM: Departure for a 2-hour cruise through the port of Amsterdam and a brunch-buffet lunch will be served during the cruise in a Christmas atmosphere
2.00 pm: Arrival boarding point
2.15 pm: Departure of the bus (next to the boarding point) for the Christmas circus in Haarlem
3.15 pm: Arrival of the Christmas circus in Haarlem
3.30 pm: Start performance with Hans Klok
6 pm: End of performance
6.15 pm: Departure bus to boarding point ship
19.00 hrs: Arrival boarding point ship

Prices and other information

Cash ticket price adults: € 129
Cash ticket price children: € 121.50

Online ticket price adults: € 92.50
Online ticket price children: € 85

Do you have a discount code?

Discount codes must be entered per person.. Do you have multiple discount codes? Then make separate bookings per discount code per person.

Other information

  • Free for children up to 2 years old
  • Receive your ticket(s) directly by mail
  • Includes entertainment tax
  • A small menu is available during the cruise, with a range of beverages and foods
  • It is not allowed to consume your own beverages or food on board

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