Port of Amsterdam is the perfect hub for the circular economy. Everything comes together in the ecosystem. From waste, raw materials and port logistics to established demo factories and innovative circular companies.

Port of Amsterdam believes that the circular economy is the future for companies and industry. The circular economy is therefore a focal point in Port of Amsterdam’s strategy. The infrastructure and facilities are constantly being expanded to support innovative new solutions.

The aim of Port of Amsterdam is to become the most important circular economy hotspot in Europe.

Due to its central location, the variety of companies and the different cargo flows, the port area of Amsterdam is home to many construction-related companies.

Themed Cruise Construction

During our themed cruise ‘construction’ you will learn everything about how construction-related companies deal with the circular economy.

It is also possible to schedule a stop at ‘Voorbij Prefab’, a leading and innovative producer of sustainable precast concrete products. With a clear focus on two markets; housing and industry.

Voorbij Prefab was originally a traditional company that, since 1935, has been making piles for construction and hulls for office buildings. In 2015, things changed dramatically. In the summer of that year, Voorbij Prefab converted the factory into one of the most modern in the Netherlands in four weeks. The factory focuses on the production of concrete elements and especially walls with the help of robotisation. And all this circular.

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With their robot-driven production, Voorbij Prefab is not only a high-tech factory, but also has the CO 2 reduced the footprint of concrete production by up to 44%.

Just like many other entrepreneurs in the Amsterdam port area, they also work circularly at Voorbij Prefab. Voorbij Prefab works together with ‘neighbor’ PARO. PARO supplies concrete granulate. They make this from the building material that they receive from demolition. That building material is reduced to various building materials on the PARO site. The concrete granulate that PARO supplies to Voorbij Prefab is a replacement for the primary gravel.

A visit to this company provides a wonderful insight into the possibilities of circular construction.