A modern port infrastructure, ultra-modern circular economy companies and plenty of room to grow. Port of Amsterdam provides the foundation on which start-ups, scale-ups and more intensive projects and companies can rest their next step towards a world without waste.

Port of Amsterdam believes that the circular economy is the future for companies and industry. The circular economy is therefore a focal point in Port of Amsterdam’s strategy. They are continuously expanding their infrastructure and facilities to support innovative new solutions.

The aim of Port of Amsterdam is to become the most important circular economy hotspot in Europe.

Amsterdam Boat Cruises offers, in collaboration with Amports and Port of Amsterdam, at the request of companies, travel agencies, tour operators, schools and universities, special thematic cruises in the areas of Cocoa, Energy transition / circular port, Agribulk, Oil, Urban Architecture, Steel, etc. Automotive logistics, Circular construction.

Under the guidance of a professional, we make a nice cruise through the port and you will learn everything about the relevant theme. If desired, the cruise can be extended with a visit to a theme-related company.

The Thematic cruises are only carried out on request and subject to availability.

Amsterdam Boat Cruises