Not many people know that the Amsterdam port is the largest port in the world for the import of cocoa beans.

All facilities are available in the port of Amsterdam, from transhipment to production facilities. Major players in the cocoa industry, such as Cargill, OLAM and Dutch Cocoa, have established themselves in the Amsterdam port area. Companies that process and store cocoa are Commodity Centre, CWT Commodities, Katoen Natie, Vollers, Steinweg-Handelsveem, HD Cotterell, ACS and DSV.

The port of Amsterdam has excellent hinterland connections for the transport of cocoa. Think of water, rail, road and air. The Amsterdam port area also offers excellent facilities for inland shipping. Many cocoa terminals have a direct connection to the regular inland waterway shuttles to other countries in Europe.

During our Cocoa Cruise you will learn all about the role that cocoa played and still plays in the history of the port. Half a million to 600,000 tons of cocoa are stored annually in the Amsterdam port. About one third of the total world cocoa stock is located in Amsterdam. The whole world shops in Amsterdam for cocoa powder, butter and cocoa mass.

During the voyage it is possible to disembark at the most sustainable chocolate factory in the world. Chocolate makers. During an exclusive tour of the factory, they show how real chocolate is made, from bean to bar. They do everything themselves in the factory at the port of Amsterdam. They are the only Dutch chocolate company that controls every link in the chain itself. This allows them to keep it as durable as possible. Every year the sailing ship the Tres Hombres brings the new crop of organic and fair trade cocoa from the Dominican Republic. This ship sails completely emission-free: it has no engine, the entire trip is only sailed on wind! An average of 143 bags of Trinitario cocoa of 70 kg per trip, so 10,000 kg.

Chocolatemakers buys high-quality organic cocoa directly from farmers in Congo, Peru and the Dominican Republic. They do this for a good & fair price.

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